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2022, the first official year of YOUR, where many accomplishments have taken place. With this update we want to take you through the developments of the past year and all the significant achievements. This to inform everyone about our progress and reasoning.

Table of Content

  1. Testnet Live
  2. Worldwide launch of YOUR
  3. Refunds and Bear Market
  4. Monthly recap
  5. Knowledge base is reborn

6. Contests

7. New Functionalities

8. Latest product update

9. What is coming in 2023?

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1. Testnet Live

After hard work of our development team, testnet was pushed live. This enabled over 300 exclusive testnet users to find bugs, create content, request features, etc. to improve our platform. We would like to thank all testnet users for their contributions to the platform.

Head over to the testnet tweet on Twitter to get an impression of the reach we had with testnet.

2. Worldwide launch of YOUR

The long-awaited launch of YOUR has taken place. After months of hard work and extensive testing by exclusive testnet users, is ready for the worldwide community to create, own and earn from their contributions. Start experiencing by searching products and creating content.

3. Refunds and Bear Market

Last year we were surrounded by negative news about the economy and the crypto environment. Both Crypto and Traditional spheres have been hugely impacted by recent volatility. By looking at growth and inflation factors or the amounts of companies declared bankrupt we can safely say all of this together caused a tremendous constraint on retail investors.

As YOUR, we wanted to avoid that we are only concerned with growth without actually developing a full-fledged product. We want our community to be able to rely on us after their investment in what YOUR stands for.

Together we can and will survive this bear market. For YOUR this meant that we decided to refund the investment to the retail investors who believed in YOUR from the first hour, to help them survive this ongoing bear market.

With this decision we want to build a stronger community and show the crypto public that there are good projects which are not here to take your money but want to build their vision together with you. This refund has a big impact on the survivability and growth speed of YOUR, but we believe in our community and doing this together. YOUR wants to be one with its community!

For a more elaborated explanation, click here

4. Monthly recap

From July on YOUR started keeping track of all the latest developments regarding the platform, team and investment on a monthly basis. Every month progress has been shown, thanks to your support. Do you want to read everything again? All recaps are listed below for you.

5. Knowledge base is reborn

YOUR considers it extremely important to inform users and potential customers of all platform functionalities as well as the opportunities within our community. For this reason YOUR developed a new knowledge base in September. Here you will find all additional information that YOUR considers necessary to get the most out of the platform.

Chat functionality

During office hours a live chat is integrated on For simple questions and things that our customers or creators encounter, this chat might be intended to be the first solution for problems such as these.

The chat can be found at the right bottom of

Getting started

Once you are willing to start creating product content at YOUR, nothing should stand in your way during that process. It should be made as easy as possible for every creator and content user to get started with YOUR. This is where the Getting Started pages come to play. From the first to the last step of the process, a guide has been written to take the contributors by the hand.

Moreover, since the process of downloading the content might require some basic knowledge, a manual on how to perform this process has also been added for content users.

Submit a request

Users can submit a request regarding an error, an addition to the platform or a question. This way YOUR support team can jump in and help them easily. In the future more functionalities will be added to this page, such as input from the community.

Watch this video to learn more:

Full knowledge base

YOUR cordially invites you to further explore the knowledge base. Learn How To Create Content at the highest quality as a content creator, or read all about the Importing Content process as a content user. Throw yourself completely into YOUR by reading your favorite articles on the knowledge base:

Click here to learn more

6. Contests

Keeping the community engaged and rewarding them for their hard work is one of our core values. That is why YOUR initiated several contests for the community. These contests have been a massive success within the community and for the growth of the user base.

Creator Contest

For this competition, the creators were tasked to create content. In the end, the one who created the most approved content wins. Extra points were given away when creators created product content for the weekly promoted products. This contest has enriched the database with product content, which ensures a flying start to offer high quality product content to content users soon. For a full overview of the contest, click here.

Bug Contest

The launch of Testnet has been useful to find bugs, improve UX, and request desired features. YOUR is grateful for the help of community members for their contribution in improving the platform.

With the introduction of the bug contest the community got the chance to get rewarded for reporting bugs. The participation was great and after awarding the first three worthy winners with a prize pool, the 2nd bug contest is already coming to an end. During these successful bug contests the development team really got challenged to get the best out of the platform possible.

7. New functionalities

After a successful launch, the team has never stopped working hard to realize the best and latest features. That result is visible in the latest, properly working functionalities of the past year. Two of the newest functionalities have been listed below for you.

Change history

The plan to launch the change history functionality was one of the first to hit the roadmap. At the end of the year creators are finally able to see the change history of every product. Every change in the content that has been made is visible. Both creators and visitors are able to compare two versions of the product content to see what other creators changed previously. This functionality has been added to contribute to the community feeling and transparency of the platform.

Optimized search

One of the most challenging parts in the process of developing the platform as user friendly as possible is creating an optimized search functionality.

It is important for the users to easily find products they want to read more information about. That is why we have added an extensive search bar. In the search bar, users can see relevant search suggestions, categories, products and brands through a search query.

With a self-learning AI model and better product content, the results will improve in relevance in the coming months and years.

8. Latest Product Update

The arrival of the new functionalities on the platform was accompanied by the enormous growth of the product & user database. Every month an update was given about the growth of the database: the number of products, contributors, categories and brands were always discussed. We are proud of the growth our database has made and therefore we are happy to show an overview of the growth in the past year.

User growth

Since the beginning of YOUR, the platform has gained a lot of contributors. With these contributors even higher quality of product content is guaranteed, which makes these numbers really valuable. Moreover, the existence of YOUR would not be possible without contributors, as they keep the platform’s engine running.

Content Database update

In order to be of service to as many e-commerce companies as possible, the product database has grown significantly over the past year. To this day we are busy importing data to expand our product database even more. The latest update we can give you is shown in the image below.

9. What’s coming in 2023?

Content users

YOUR is the wikipedia of product information. Not only can the whole world read the product information to learn things about a specific product, the information is also highly relevant for e-commerce companies. To reward the creators for the hard work they put in, these companies can buy and download the content to use on their webshop.

2023 will be the year in which the first companies use YOUR as a service. We are looking forward to connecting the contributors with the content users. YOUR will remove the middleman and enable contributors to benefit directly from their contributions. YOUR will only facilitate this. Bring the power to the community and not one or multiple powerful companies.

Community Input

Because YOUR is built by its community, we value your experience and knowledge.. We appreciate sharing these as it enables us to keep growing and developing the product day by day.

Since we are very eager to process and implement your input to help YOU grow, YOUR will push to get the community even more involved. From 2023 on you can submit a request with feedback, your experience or tips and tricks for other community members. Give us feedback, feature requests, inspirations for a design feature or just a random idea.

Learn more about how you can contribute to the development of YOUR and its community here.

Ambassador program

The goal of YOUR is to have the best product content for professional and personal usage.

Our platform will facilitate the connecting part between content creators & users and sharing this content in a safe and reliable manner. It all starts with an extensive community that focuses on quality. For this reason YOUR will introduce an ambassador program to attract more contributors to the platform to create/curate product content to achieve our dream.

With a personal invitation link each contributor can invite other contributors and benefit from this. It is to the contributor’s advantage to attract as many active contributors as possible, because the ambassador will be rewarded per signup and each contribution the new creator makes. This way, we expect to gather many new contributors who will actively use the platform.

New functionalities

To fill a product page as well as possible, it is important to provide the most extensive information about a product. This extensive information can only be described using many different types of product content. As the change history functionality has finally made its way to the platform, YOUR is far from finished developing.

Next year the editor at will expand these content types with many more new types to create product pages of the highest quality. A Q&A section where you can ask questions about a product and even add answers. YOUR will keep the rest of the upcoming developments as a surprise, but preparations are in full swing to ensure that contributors can make the best use of all their product knowledge.

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