YOUR x CryptoDiffer — AMA with YOUR Protocol Founders Ted and Thijmen

5 min readFeb 12, 2024

Several weeks into the first quarter of 2024 and with the IDOs on three renowned launchpads on the horizon, it was time for a new AMA in collaboration with CryptoDiffer.

With the recent reveal of the Bitcoin BRC-20 integration for content ownership in YOUR Protocol, founders Ted and Thijmen provided the loyal community with insights into this new development. Additionally, they discussed launchpad strategies, exchange listings, and the unique components that set YOUR apart.

The AMA was a massive success, with the maximum number of questions being filled within a minute. A genuine thank you to CryptoDiffer for managing the AMA and to the community’s participation. The insightful questions reveal a strong interest in YOUR, which was truly delightful and marks a promising future for $YOUR. Here’s an update with the questions and answers from the session so that everyone can enjoy a piece of $YOUR.

Q1: “YOUR Protocol is the world’s first content layer built on both Bitcoin and Ethereum. What benefits does this dual integration offers your protocol and users of it platform?

Answer from Thijmen: “Every blockchain has its strengths and weaknesses. With YOUR, we place significant value on reliability, security, speed, and the future-proof nature of the chain. When considering security and future-proofing, there is only one chain that meets all these criteria: Bitcoin. However, conducting all streaming transactions over the Bitcoin chain would make the protocol prohibitively expensive. Therefore, we utilise Bitcoin (BRC-20) solely for our ownership inscriptions.

Next, we consider a chain that is reliable and fast. Currently, there is only one chain that is truly reliable, and that is Ethereum. Consequently, we use Ethereum for $YOUR token and all streaming transactions, comprising the bulk of our protocol.”

Q2: “It is easy to make a token, but is it really difficult to make this token valuable? So, what strategies do you have to make your tokens more valuable? What are your plans to maintain token price and supply?”

Answer from Ted: “Excellent question, and you’re absolutely correct. With numerous token launches happening, it’s crucial to distinguish oneself. YOUR incorporates an intelligent reward, buyback, and staking system to enhance the value of the $YOUR token and share the company’s success with its holders.

Our token, as the driving force behind our protocol, inherently possesses value. Users must acquire the token to access content features, creating substantial buying pressure. Additionally, we have secured numerous partnerships, an upcoming PR strategy and garnered support from over 150 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), a number that continues to grow daily.

Upon token launch, our staking platform will be operational, offering a limited high Annual Percentage Yield (APY) to reduce token circulation. With a modest initial market cap of just $272,000, this factor will contribute to the sustainability and appreciation of the $YOUR tokens ;).”

Q3: “Will AI replace editors in the future?”

Answer from Thijmen: “Because the backbone of our Protocol is the creators, we don’t believe in replacing our most important target audience with AI. Instead, we believe in enhancing and strengthening the content created by them. By delegating bulk tasks to AI, creators can focus on producing high-quality and creative content rather than repetitive elements.

We are currently training our own language models and utilising our AI tool to generate low-volume content. With YOUR, we empower creators to monetise their content and leverage our AI tools to maximise its potential.

Additionally, YOUR utilises AI in the personalisation engine. All our content must be tagged according to its target audience, such as female/male and young/old demographics. This tagging process is currently facilitated by our AI engine, which undergoes constant training by us.”

Q4: “I am quite excited about the Personalisation Engine. Could you give us breakthrough points of this upcoming feature this year?”

Answer from Ted: “AI will play an important role in the future. YOUR Protocol leverages AI by enabling e-commerce shops to personalise product pages to the preferences of the customer. It is a phenomenon that already exists in advertising, but YOUR will be the first to implement this on product pages.

Using the example of gender when selling a TV online: generally, men are more likely to buy a TV when the product page has blue details or footage of a soccer game on the TV, while women are more likely to buy the TV when pink accents are used or beauty products are shown on the TV.

The AI personalisation engine will increase the usage of product content from YOUR Protocol, contributing to a high value of $YOUR in the protocol. E-commerce shops stream product content directly from brands and creators paying them in $YOUR tokens.”

Q5: “What are the terms and conditions for becoming a content creator on #YOUR and can you tell us the benefits?”

Answer from Thijmen: “Creators in YOUR Protocol create and optimise product content. In our protocol, content creators include brands and shops delivering content to the protocol, but also and third-party creators contribute to and enhance the product content database.

This means that everyone can become a creator at YOUR Protocol. Creators can create an account on (sign up as creator) and earn $YOUR by doing so.

More about the benefits: creating content at YOUR Protocol enables creators to monetise their content and have full control and transparency over the usage of their content. With BRC-20 tokenisation, creators have forever ownership of their content and get rewarded for it with ERC-20 $YOUR tokens.”

Q6: “In Q1 of the roadmap, there was mention of token listing. How many exchanges is it listed on?”

Answer from Ted: “Correct our token listing will take place in Q1 2024, with March as the anticipated month👀. Before our listing and TGE, we’ll be conducting a public sale, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to acquire $YOUR tokens.

Exciting news surrounds our launchpads, as we’ve selected not one, but three launchpads for our public round. While the specific details will be revealed closer to the Initial DEX Offering (IDO), I can already disclose that one of them currently holds a prominent position in the market.

In line with our multichain launch, a sale on a BRC launchpad is also in the works, scheduled for early March just before the TGE.

We are currently in discussions with multiple T1 exchanges, and we can’t contain our excitement! While we’re eager to share more details, we’ll be making the official announcement in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and get ready for the big reveal.”

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