YOUR is launching the public sale on multiple IDO launchpads

3 min readFeb 23, 2022


Now that the private sale round has been completed, we started with the public sale. We are happy to announce the launch of our token $YOUR on Solanium, Waggle and Infinity Pad (DAO Maker).

In Q1 we will launch the Public sale IDO’s where you as an investor can participate and buy tokens. The Waggle token sale was in January and very successful. YOUR sold out all the YOUR tokens in one hour.

Pre-IDO on Waggle:

About Waggle: Waggle is a decentralized marketplace that enables retail investors to diversify their investments into the primary market.

As an investor you can invest in YOUR during the Waggle Pre-IDO. More information about the Pre-IDO below:

By participating in the IDO, users are taking active part in the development of YOUR, can benefit from a limited time offer, and an interesting investment opportunity given the scale of growth of the company.

IDO on Solanium:

About Solanium: Solanium is the go-to platform for the Solana blockchain. Solanium is a decentralized platform for fundraising and trading on the Solana blockchain.

As an investor you can invest in YOUR during the Solanium IDO. More information about the IDO below:

Project page:
Sale date: 2 mrt. 2022 15:00:00
Guidelines: Coming
Whitelist: 28 feb. 2022 13:00:00

Infinity Pad (DAO Maker):

About Infinity Pad (DAO Maker): Infinity Pad is a joint-effort by major blockchain KOLs to highlight and fund the most innovative startups on Binance Smart Chain. Infinity Pad is built on the Chainmaker Kit by DAO Maker, which allows their existing accounts to already be available on IPAD.

As an investor you can invest in YOUR during the Infinity Pad IDO. More information about the IDO below:

About YOUR

YOUR Protocol is an open-source system for streaming product content. It provides a way to create and share product content in a secure, efficient and equitable way. This protocol focusses on solving the shortcomings of Web2 and becoming the top provider of product content for emerging Web2 and Web3 markets, such as webshops, virtual worlds, non-fungible tokens, and other ecommerce markets for both physical and digital products.

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Decentralized product content #Web3 protocol to scale the next generation of ecommerce experiences