YOUR AMA — With $YOUR founders Ted and Thijmen

4 min readDec 21, 2023

With the promising token launch scheduled for Q1 2024, it was time for an AMA session in the YOUR community. Ted and Thijmen, founders of the YOUR protocol, are constructing the Web3 content layer to scale e-commerce experiences. They engaged with community members in the official Telegram community, addressing a diverse range of questions from both new and existing community members.

During the AMA, topics such as the problem YOUR protocol is solving, the partnership with Shopify and the utility of the $YOUR token. With extensive answers to these questions, they were also supported by visuals to create even more clarity.

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“Hello everyone! Welcome to this AMA with Ted and Thijmen, the founders of YOUR. With the upcoming launch of $YOUR, they are here to share exciting insights based on your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask Ted And Thijmen anything about the upcoming token launch or other questions related to YOUR.”

Question 1: What is the biggest problem YOUR protocol is solving?

Ted: YOUR is building a revolutionary Web3 protocol for the booming $8.8 trillion e-commerce market, supporting both brands and online retailers. Major brands like Apple and Samsung face challenges in maintaining content control and accuracy on the internet. YOUR provides them with complete control, ownership, and transparency.

We not only enhance the shopping experience but also significantly increase conversion rates by giving e-commerce firms access to cutting-edge streaming personalised product content.

Question 2: When are you guys planning TGE, since there was an announcement on twitter about Q1 2024?

Ted: Recently, we’ve revealed that our Token Generation Event (TGE) is scheduled for Q1 2024. Here’s a little sneak peek: it’s anticipated to take place early in the quarter, possibly as early as January! Before our listing and TGE, we’ll be conducting a public sale, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to acquire $YOUR tokens.

Question 3: Will there be a public token sale on a launchpad?

Thijmen: We have some really exciting news around launchpads. Not just one, but two launchpads have been selected for our public round. Although we will only make this announcement closer to the IDO, I can already spill that one of them is currently the most prominent in the market.

Question 4: Can you tell us a bit more about tokenomics?

Ted: We have a fixed total supply of 1,000,000,000 $YOUR tokens. You can see the distribution & release schedule in the images attached.

An important thing to know we have a very low Initial circulating supply: 27,500,000 $YOUR which will benefit the token launch.

Additionally, a token page containing additional details about the $YOUR token utility has been launched at our token page.

Question 5: What is the utility of the $YOUR token?

Thijmen: With $YOUR, we enable our community to share the company’s success as. YOUR employs a smart reward, buy back, and staking system to promote the $YOUR token’s value and share the company’s success with holders.

With $YOUR, these are the main token utilities:

• Earn $YOUR tokens

Content Creators, Curators, Nodes, and Developers that contribute to grow and play a significant role in maintaining the protocol, get rewarded in $YOUR tokens.

• Holding benefits

Protocol users must stake $YOUR tokens for content features access and will also earn APY for long-term staking.

• Ownership

Smart contracts allow for registered product content ownership. Enabling you to own your contribution to the protocol everywhere it is used.

• Governance

As we value your input for YOUR protocol, we want to give you something back. $YOUR enables you with voting power in the YOUR DAO.

Question 6: What is the earn and reward mechanism offered by YOUR protocol?

Thijmen: A successful YOUR protocol to revolutionise e-commerce experiences only exists because of the unprecedented efforts of all contributors, and for that they must be rewarded. We strive for a transparent usage and earning mechanism, meaning we are building a protocol that empowers..

..content creators to register their content and earn from every bit of usage

..shops being able to seamlessly stream product content to their e-commerce shops

..node suppliers earning from running storage and search nodes

..Developers earning from contributing to building and uplifting the protocol to the next level.

In the end, the YOUR protocol runs fully decentralised with contributions of talented creators and developers to the platform.

Question 7: Which value can bring Shopify into the ecosystem and growth of YOUR?

Ted: Today, an impressive number of over 4 million ecommerce stores are built on Shopify, spanning countless countries, languages, and industries.

With our Shopify partnership we have the possibility to reach all those shops to stream product content to their product pages. It is our goal to stream product information to all product pages in the world and together with Shopify we can grow significantly.

For shops operating on alternative e-commerce platforms or utilizing a custom-built system, we provide a Software Development Kit (SDK). This straightforward code integration facilitates the smooth streaming of product content directly to their online stores.

Check out our Shopify app here.

If someone has a shop or knows someone with a Shopify shop, reach out and help us grow!”

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