Monthly recap — November 2023

4 min readDec 15, 2023

Renewed website

As YOUR continues to evolve, our website evolves with them. Effective communication with our target audience remains a top priority. With the launch of our Shopify product content app and the SDK for all webshops, it is highly important that we provide our potential users with clear information about our solution. Moreover, taking into consideration that we are building up to the $YOUR token launch, a token environment has been renewed on the website the past month. We proudly discuss the updates in the sections below.

Solution and showcase

When visiting, the new homepage is the first to grab attention and introduce YOUR. As YOUR enables the streaming of product content to webshops, a page dedicated to shop owners is provided under the new tab Solution, where all relevant information to benefit from YOUR can be found.

Understanding our service of product content streaming can be abstract. Therefore we created a new showcase page. This page offers a straightforward comparison, illustrating how little product information web shops currently display on their product pages compared to the potential they have with YOUR product content streaming solution.

Token environment

The recent months have presented challenges for numerous Web3 and crypto projects, and YOUR is no exception. While the bear market afforded YOUR the opportunity to fortify the foundations of the e-commerce protocol, it’s now time to set our sights on a more promising year. Exciting times are ahead, and the beginning of a new chapter calls for a dynamic kick-off. Our skilled design and front-end team have translated this vision into reality. We’re genuinely excited to reveal the initial strides of this new era in our new token environment on the website.

! Note that the IDO launch date is subject to change.

Wait almost over

This new era comes with an exciting announcement. $YOUR is coming your way in Q1 2024.

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Innovative product update

In recent months, our development team has dedicated significant effort to a novel and innovative feature. It is with pride that we introduce this advanced functionality into our database: the automatic mapper based on AI models.

Without delving too deeply into the technicalities, let’s briefly explore the technology behind it. Our product content database comprises multiple sources, and integrating these sources into our database manually is a time-consuming task. Thanks to months of input from our developers, AI models are now trained to automatically categorize and seamlessly integrate these sources, saving valuable time and effort.

Community is soaring

Zealy launch

Because our community forms the foundation of YOUR, we’re thrilled to announce the official YOUR community launch on Zealy — a platform that will contribute to a new dimension of growth and engagement for YOUR. Zealy transforms YOUR contributors into active participants, rewarding their efforts and fueling a dynamic web3 protocol.

First sprintrace

With a successful launch of YOUR on Zealy, it was time for the first sprint race with 39 quests included. The fortunate top 3 participants on the leaderboard at the end of the race happened to be the firsts ever to get rewarded with $YOUR. These rewards will be released after the week of listing. Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all participants. Stay tuned for the next sprint race.

YOUR featured in…

As we approach the token launch in Q1 2024, our primary objective is to maximize visibility through strategic partnerships, PR efforts, and community campaigns across our social media platforms and Zealy. It’s just a matter of time until you find out about the promising partnerships we have in store for you

Thanks to exciting announcements in November and the beginning of December, the YOUR community on Twitter, Telegram and Discord took an exponential growth. CryptoDiffer celebrated our Shopify partnership with us by sharing a short summary of the YOUR product content app and the protocol behind it.

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Request a demo

If you own a webshop and are intrigued by the possibilities of YOUR, simply click on this link to request a demo or arrange a brief call. We’ll be in touch to schedule a conversation. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you and enhance your webshop’s potential!

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