Genblock Capital joins YOUR as a Strategic Investor

We are excited to announce Genblock Capital as our investor & strategic partner.

3 min readFeb 21, 2022


Genblock Capital is one of the leading crypto funds in the industry. With a particular focus on DeFi and metaverse projects, Genblock Capital has invested in many of the most forward-thinking startups and reputable companies like Solana, 0x, Bancor, Kyber Network, Filecoin and Zilliqa. We are therefore very proud that Genblock Capital will help YOUR with the large network they have and the years of experience in the industry.

Genblock Capital believes in our vision of reshaping the buying experience with user generated product content in e-commerce and the metaverse.

“Genblock is thrilled to be supporting YOUR as they build out core marketplace infrastructure, further facilitating greater NFT utility. We see YOUR as the next iteration of primitive NFTs and believe they will help accelerate the transition into a Web3 world. We look forward to working together with the team to deliver on their planned roadmap.” — Bilal Junaid, Genblock Founder

About Genblock Capital

Genblock Capital invests exclusively in blockchain and cryptocurrency, with a focus on decentralized finance and metaverse. Genblock Capital have been deeply entrenched in the crypto markets since early 2017, and invest in liquid cryptocurrencies on the secondary market as well as early stage funding rounds.

They aim to be power users of the project they invest in, and help projects with bootstrapping liquidity, token economics, market making, marketing, and connecting founders with their vast network.

Genblock Capital’s core portfolio includes some of the largest blockchain companies and industry leaders, such as Solana. Other notable investments include 0x, Bancor, Kyber Network, Filecoin, Zilliqa, Synthetic, FTX, MobileCoine, IRISnet, Vega, 1inch, Dfyn, Sienna, and many more

About YOUR protocol

YOUR Protocol is an open-source system for streaming product content. It provides a way to create and share product content in a secure, efficient and equitable way. This protocol focusses on solving the shortcomings of Web2 and becoming the top provider of product content for emerging Web2 and Web3 markets, such as webshops, virtual worlds, non-fungible tokens, and other ecommerce markets for both physical and digital products.

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